About Me

Lucas Carri

Wave-riding Artist: Bringing Color and Joy from Argentina to Portugal

¡Hola! I’m “el Peste”, an Argentinean artist currently calling Portugal home, though my heart has been wandering through Europe for over a decade now. I blend my South American roots with European influences to create vibrant and uplifting art that mirrors the colorful tapestry of life.
Surrounded by the azure waves of the Atlantic, I find inspiration in the rhythm of the ocean, spending my free moments riding the waves and communing with nature. Whether it’s the rush of a perfect wave or the whisper of a rustling forest, nature’s beauty fuels my creativity and infuses joy into my work.
With a passion for spreading positivity, my art is a celebration of life’s little joys, designed to bring smiles and brighten moods. From playful illustrations to whimsical sculptures, each piece reflects my belief in the power of art to uplift and inspire.
Join me on this journey of creativity, surf, and sunshine, as I continue to explore the endless possibilities of artistic expression, one wave at a time.